If you found your way here its highly likely you followed a link I provided so you can check out my film project at your leisure.

I am looking for collaborators/producers and funding to get this film on its legs, in the first instance as a short teaser/funding trailer. If you find this interesting, please get in touch.


Set in a gloomy Midlands town in the 1980s, Nigel Moorhouse loses his high flying job and plunges into debt as his world and family collapses around him. In desperation he embarks on a shady drugs project with functioning psychopath Fabian Boycott, aimed at getting him out of his troubles.

Moment by moment the plot becomes darker and more violent as Nigel adjusts to this vicious new jungle - then he becomes delusional, believes his childhood punk icon (Debbie Harry of Blondie) is actually speaking to him and encouraging him in his life so that they can be together.

Slowly the world changes for Nigel, as does he and he becomes determined, by any means necessary, to fulfill his delusional plans of travelling to New York to meet his idol and start a new life .....

(actors below not included in project yet, only used for illustration and casting profile purposes)

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