David Denny is a 57 year old author born and bred in the North Midlands. He has had significant success with his e-book Gothic Fantasy novel Jonathon Postlewaite and the Seed of Corruption, which has to date over five thousand downloads and has become a cult novel in Germany. Volume two is in progress. In addition David is an avid, author of poetry with three collections to date and other unpublished works.

For the past 25 years he has worked as a career and employment adviser, working with individual in prisons, education and the community. David has always remarked on the fascination he has had with people and their lives and aspirations. As part of his work he has produced two help guides associated with CV writing.

Educated in Uttoxeter and at Staffordshire University in Stoke, where he majored in philosophy and political ideology, which has given him an often cynical perspective on life and the world. David began his early working life in the motor Industry and going to University in his thirties ..,

'Atomic' is his first venture into screen writing after around 20 years of part time acting and extra work in the film industry.

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