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Local author David Denny is planning a streaming film series based on biographical stories from the 1980s. The pilot film for the dark and gritty urban drama, called 'Atomic', follows the lives of three desperate individuals bound together in a seedy and sinister world of drugs and crime.

A trailer, funded by producer and writer David Denny, has already been produced for promotional purposes in a bid to raise funds to move the project forwards.

Author David Denny is confident that the film will be made, one way or another, and possibly kick off a series of episodes which have already been written. "the general feedback for the script of the feature length pilot is very encouraging and I have every confidence we will find funding from somewhere to produce it in a ways that a compliment to those who have invested time in the trailer."

David Denny, who was born and bred in Uttoxeter but travelled widely before returning ot the area in the late 1990s, has a good foundation of successful writing including gothic fantasy novels, poetry and self help guides in the employment sectors. "this was one of my first screenwriting projects, based on some semi-autobiographical adventures and the dramatisation of other local stories. It was originally written as a novel. I circulated it around my acting network and the feedback was very inspiring, so I took it to the next stage and produced a trailer ot help promote it."

David now plans to film in and around Uttoxeter in 2021 making the best use of local talent. "We already have local actors and crew from around the town, but will be looking for more extras and more character parts - hopefully from the town."

"Ideally we would like to secure the entire project funding, but that's never easy. Alternatively we could film with volunteer actors and crew, like we did for the trailer, and then be looking for local investors for unavoidable production costs for locations, props and sets - achieving that smaller target ."

To that end "Atomic" has a Crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo - this is accessible via the website where you can also access the trailer and other information.