Screenplay by Darkport Films and David Denny

 Copyright 2020

 General Background
 The action of this semi-autobiographical and dark urban drama is set in early 1980s, the title comes from the Blondie Song of around that time, and the reasons will become evident.
It is set in the sleepy East Midlands town of Uttoxeter  and set against a Thachterite England and the desperate times of the early 1980s,
Early 1980’s Period music


Nigel Moorhouse – a forty something manager, overweight, dark curly hair, with local accent. A generally nice guy until the pressure of losing his job and debt takes his toll and gradually slips into a  desperate, delusional and occasionally violent state. Most of the time he is an inhibitor of his emotions, until finally, they explode. He develops an obsession with Debbie Harry who he is a lifelong fan of. 
Fabien Boycott  - Gritty 40 + year old. Thin, gaunt and wiry, a functioning drug addict and alcoholic. Most of the time he is a no nonsense, to the point,Yorkshire man with a menacing feel about him, he can be funny, but he has a split personality; he can be kind and compassionate then, at the click of a button, can turn psychotic and often does. His Achilles heel is his kids. He kleeps his activities hidden from his wife and two girls. He met Nigel Moorhouse at school and has known him for many years... and despised and envied him. Fabien is terminally ill and knows he had very little time to live and this drives him, his aim being to.
Anna - A polish girl born in Poland, younger than Fabien and Nigel. Came to the UK with the formation of the Common Market. She did well in early life, married a local man and had a child but they were killed in a house fire that she holds her self responsible for. Underweight and worn looking, chain smoker and a heavy drinker. Sometimes comical and witty, with a dark morose side she slips into. She has given up on life after a family tragedy many years before which she holds herself responsible for. She lives a life punishing herself, cares little for herself, living day to day. Fabien picked up out of the gutter and made her a prostitute, she depends on him for a roof over her head, drugs, protection and money. 
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